The company "Piercarlo Mezzanello" was founded in 1984 as a manufacture and retailer of fine grapes.
In 1998, in order to enhance their production of the grapes coming from the vineyards is highly suited, becomes the name of the company in the "VILLA ALTA" and started to produce wines of excellent quality, with the aim of continual improvement over time.
Today, we are sure to have got a line of products that are highly prized, whose authenticity is our strong point, which gives the customer the confidence to offer its guests or guests a excellent product which is fresh, healthy and genuine.
Not having ever made use of the facilities or the companies of processing of external, since both the oil and the wine, from the seed to the delivery, everything is handled exclusively by us, we are the guarantors of the product that we produce.
Our guarantee is due to the fact that everything that is marketed is produced exclusively using our own screws and our olive groves.